18 year old asperger son. Opted out college/work now in bedroom 23/7!

Charly - posted on 01/07/2018 ( 3 moms have responded )




UK based. My son of 18 with Aspergers, was at college just about doing ok. Talented sportsman freestyle skiing / downhill biking. Often injured due to high risk sports. Latest injury really difficult to fix needs surgery. Means he cannot do activities in his sports course. Dropped out of college, refuses surgery, stopped doing physio. Never a good communicator, now almost mute except telling parents to shut up and go away. Wont talk to anyone at all let alone go to GP. In bedroom 23/7 excerpt to eat a small amount. Avoids human interaction completely. Refuses to go to his part time job. What to do we are at a complete loss as to why things have deteriorated so badly?


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Leslie - posted on 01/10/2018




Oh goodness....I'm so sorry this is happening! I'm betting that he is very scared and doesn't know how to express that to anyone - and may not even realize it himself. He may be afraid that if he has the surgery he'll never be able to do any sports again. Will he communicate at all via texts/email/instant messaging? For awhile it was easier to talk to my son w/ Asperger's that way than face to face! Is there a friend or someone he admired at school that he might talk to??? I wish I had better advice for you!

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