19 month baby still on the breast and still dont sleep threw the night

Natasha - posted on 02/15/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




hi mums my daughter is 19months be two in may and she is still on the breast and waking constintly threw the night how would i ween her off she has good solid feeds during the day and night an weening her of the breast is very hard iv tryed everything from pumping my breast milk in to a bottle to forula warm cows milk milo water an nothing has worked but the funny thing is during the day while im at work she dosnt mind drinking water or juice but night is a no no for her!!!


Louise - posted on 02/15/2011




This is more of a habit and comfort than a need so you are going to have a job on your hands here. The only way I can think of is to talk to her and say she is a big girl now and that she needs to sleep like a big girl with no more mummy milk in the night. Tell her that you have bought her a big bear to keep her company and to cuddle in the night and present her with a hand sized soft teddy for bed. Make sure she is well fed and has had a drink before bed and then when she wakes go into her and hand her the teddy and say night night. She will moan as you are taking her out of her comfort zone but try to stand firm. You will want to give in and feed her but if you do then you will still have this problem in months to come it has to stop some time. She will probably moan for 2-3 nights but stand firm and just hand the teddy and leave the room.

This will be a battle of wills and at the moment she has the control and you need to grab that back. Once she realises that mum is not going to give in she will stop waking as there is no point to, and at long last you will get your reward of a full nights sleep.

As for the milk situation my daughter did not like milk either so she got her calcium from other things like cheese and margarine, fish and broccoli and of course bread. Your little one only needs 500mg of calcium a day and this could be made up of a yoghurt, a cheese strip and a slice of white bread spread with margarine. So don't worry to much about that. The important thing here is getting some sleep at long last and breaking the habit. Good luck!


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