19 month old boy babbles, but not many words

Samantha - posted on 05/06/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hey guys, I'm very new to this, I have a 19 month old son who babbles up a storm but really doesn't say much other than mama, and my mommy. He shakes his head yes and no, and points to what he wants/needs, he brings things to me and my husband to show us, but he's just not talking.
We went to his 18 month check up last week and the doctor said that if he understands whats going on and follows direction I shouldn't be concerned(but I can't help but be concerned), and we will revisit it if there still an issue at his 2 year check up. He does understand, and follows 2 and 3 step direction without a problem, I just wish I knew how to get him talking. I never stop talking to him about anything and everything, and we read stories, play games.
Any one have any suggestions, ideas how to get my little man talking?? Thank you!


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Ev - posted on 05/07/2013




Your doctor is right. He will come into talking when he hits age two or a bit later. Most kids this age only really know a few choice words. None of them can form full sentences at all yet. At the most 2 to three words if they have the ability already. If he is already understanding what is going on, follows directions and brings your attention to things then he is on track or your doctor would be worried. Also, I have a son and it is well known that boys are always a bit slower than girls when it comes to the milestones. My son could say a lot of long words and a few like mama, daddy, and such at 18 months to 2 years. He understood when I asked him to do things, to show me things, and so on. But he was not using sentences until after he was about three. So I would not worry to much unless he does start showing some drastic changes from what you have said here. He sounds like he is doing so good!

Madhuri - posted on 05/06/2013




Hi samantha
Don't worry. He is going to get there. Some children chatter away quite early on while others take time. I have two cousins whose kids didn, t soeak much till almost three and now they are chatterboxes. You just keep going with your efforts.you can show him colourful and interesting books and videos. Also talking in short sentences helps giving short and simple names to things and repeatedly using them helps them remember. The doc is right..don, t worry as long as he can follow instructions. Also you can ask and answer your questions like what is that..apple. then sometimes pause when you show and ask about the same thing. Your baby might pipe in. Take care.

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