19 month old screams in middle of the night

Aimee - posted on 10/14/2009 ( 11 moms have responded )




Ok my daughter is not teething, no ear infection, no swollen glands... perfectly healthy. She goes to bed easy enough, 9pm sound asleep no issues. By midnight she is screaming like someone is after her, she thrashes around and nothing I do calms her... this usually goes on for about 20 minutes but there have been times that have lasted much longer. I am wondering if anyone else's kiddo has this same problem and what they are doing to help? I tried a night light, soothing music, sleeping with her and singing to her...


Martina - posted on 10/14/2009




Hi Aimee, does your daughter go back to sleep like nothing ever happened after her screaming episode? Just asking because my daughter who is now 20 did the same thing when she was little about the same age. She would go from a calm sleep to screaming, like something was hurting her or someone was after her. Her eyes would be open, but she would not respond to anything I did to try and calm her down. She was my first and there were many times, I thought I was going to take her to the ER, because I thought something was terribly wrong and then all of a sudden, she would calm down and go right back to sleep. I believe these episodes to be called night terrors. This is what I was told was happening with my daughter and she grew out of it. They have some kind of horrible dream, but they don't remember any of it the next day. Just try to google it and maybe go to www.webmd.com and look it up on there, I think you will find any information you find interesting.


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[momoftwo] - posted on 11/06/2013




I don't know what made my daughter snap out of it but when she was 2 she had a crazy night terror. She screamed and lashed out for an hour. Me and my ex were there trying to figure out what was going on because she's staring at us while she was freaking out and he waved his hand in front of her face and snapped his fingers because her eyes were wide open but she wasn't responding all she kept doing was screaming and crying trying to get away from us, she tried pulling herself underneath the bed. She was trying to get behind the curtains and everything. It was the saddest scariest thing I have ever seen in my life and I hope you figure out a way to help it because I felt terrible and I can just imagine how you feel having to watch your little one go through it too :(

Anna - posted on 11/06/2013




My daughter had the same problem. It started when she was 20 days old and lasted for almost 3 years, 2 to 3 times a week! Its interesting to say that it was happening always at the same time, 3 in the morning. After all, somebody told me that might relates with her spirit and previous life...! We never know, do we? Babies and young children can see auras and they are more close to spiritual world.

Joann - posted on 10/14/2009




Sounds like she is having "night terrors' My daughter had the same. She did the same as your child. My Pediatrican said some kids will have these if there is stress around them and some get them for no obvious reason. We would hold our daughter tight and rock her and slowly wake her up. Once she was awake which took a few minutes b/c she was deep in her sleep stage--- she was a happy camper. She had no recollection of the nightmares. As a parent, I was scared out of my wits. Hang in there-check with your Peds----there may be new info out now. Mom, you didn't cause this. I know, it is very scary.

Kerry - posted on 10/14/2009




My now 15 yr old had these...they are night terrors and she is not awake during them. What helped with me is just holding her and stroking her back and hair and using my legs to keep her legs still until she woke up. She wouldn't remember them but they were bad and usually lasted 15 to 30 minutes before i could get her to wake up. She usually came screaming into my room with them and it took me awhile to figure out that she wasn't awake. These are not that unusual for children under the age of 5 and usually go away by the time they are 5 or 6. I don't think there is anything you can really do for it except see if she is watching something that might be triggering it. Even now at 15 my daughter has to watch what movies she watches because scary ones can trigger the terrors still. At like 8 we took her to see the 2nd mummy movie with her siblings, she's the 3rd of 4, and that night she had a huge night terror. So even as they get older the terrors can be retriggered by movies and such.

I would look them up online and read up on different ideas but I don't think there is a true way to prevent them.

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My daughter did the same thing. It was awful! I couldn't even do anything to calm her, it would just make it worse. We never got an actual diagnosis but I believe it was night terrors (sometimes she would scream something about bees or things like that in the middle of it). Hers only lasted a couple of months. Now that shes 4 sometimes she will let out a little scream but it doesn't even wake her up anymore. Good luck! :)

Jessica - posted on 10/14/2009




Hey Aimee, this sounds like night terrors. It is really common for her age. http://www.drgreene.com/21_155.html This is a a link that talks about this kinda thing. My daughter Quin, 4 yrs old, had these around 20 months old. I started putting her to bed a half hour early. This helped. :)


Kimberly - posted on 10/14/2009




It could be nightmares or night terrors. My son would do the same thing and then finally just stopped. I didn't know what it was but shortly after learnt about night terrors. They aer screaming and nothing comforts them and it's like they are still sleeping. I would do some research and see if maybe that is what is going on and if it is talk to your doctor.

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