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Hi im a single mama to two children but only my 19 month old lives with me full time. I have been having problems with him since Aug 2013 and took him to the doctor before being sent to pedtriction only to be told my son shows signs for ADHD and AUTISM. I am really strugglying and becausw of this CYFS are now involved. Some of the main things he does are a danger to himself and myself and have to restrain him sometimes. They also happen on a daily basis

Bites and lashes (he leaves bruises on himself and me)
Hypo 24/7
Doesnt stay stil longer than 5 mins
Always on the go 24/7
Repeatve behavior
He flaps and jumps about
Doesnt talk anymore
Coos and hums
Talks in gibresh
Strangles me in night
Screams and yells all day long
Temper tantrums lastn up to 15 mins
Squeezez and pulls his boy parts til thy purple and bruise
Smashes his head into floor and concreate
Runs straight into walls and knws he doinf it
Climbs and jumps off kitchn bench and window sills



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A lot of that is normal toddler behavior... just a bit to the extreme. He's 19 months though... stop letting him beat you up. It is ok to walk away from him when he is lashing out... If the doctor suspects mental health issues he/she should have given you a referral to a developmental child psychologist or similar.

Do you have a playpen or crib to stick him in when he is getting violent?

You definitely need to get some help here. CYFS should be able to point you in the direction of resources available in your area. Unless YOU are harming him... 'they' aren't a threat to you. Use them for their knowledge and resources.

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You need to find out if it is autism and then get help on how to deal with it. You need a professional to give you the coping skills to deal with it. Sounds so tough :( If you can get referred to behaviour therapists maybe? Here they are covered by heath care and they will help you until you can cope with it.

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