19 months old Son!! Need help?

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My son is 19 months old. I want to start his potty training. He cant tell about it, but i know the timings. But i am bit scared, if i start doing it at this time, he might would get conscious, or would try to control it while sitting on a pot, as he mostly feels shy, while having such exposures during bath. Can anyone please suggest that is this the right age for it, or should i wait till he gets 2 ?


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You can start introducing the language and if he's not speaking yet teach him the signs so he can tell you when he's wet or dry. We used to sign when we were changing my daughter so she understood. We also bought a potty and had it in the bathroom so she saw it and could sit on it while anyone was using the bathroom. I however would not push the issue and follow his lead. I would also wait till he's a bit older, my daughter potty trained at 2 years 3 months, which was much earlier than her brother.

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BTW, I forgot to add that accidents shouldn't be part of the training. Pull ups or diapers should be used at all times until you find him completely dry for hours and hours. Which is to say when he is really able to go to the potty on a regular basis. True, positive potty training takes months to achieve, regardless of the age that you start. My daughter was potty trained very quickly and my son took forever, this was the same training from the same parent and still there was such a big difference in the time required.

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I say the best way to start at this age is to put him on the potty when he is ready for his bath and already exposed. There is a article in circle of moms about why all little boys should sit down. He is so little I am sure that a tiny comfy potty on the floor will be less scary than balancing on the big potty. Also, make if very positive and short time frames. Leave the potty there and see if he takes interest in sitting on it at other times without prompting. Even all him to sit on it fully dressed, just not permitted to carry it around or use as a stool to reach the counter in the bathroom.

Also, you may get a kick of watching the potty training videos on youtube.com they can be very informative.


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You can start sitting him on the potty to start getting comfortable with it. However, imo he is still WAY to young if he can't tell you or even express he has gone potty in his diaper, he is NOT ready.

I also disagree w/Bobbie accidents are a part of potty training. I have potty trained toddlers for the past 20yrs.

When you are ready to full blown potty train. Diapers are for Nap or Nighttime ONLY, he needs to be in underwear 100% of the time, no matter how many accidents he has. Then you need to set a timer and place them on the potty every 20mins for 1-5mins or until something happens. They should have no modesty issues at this point, also I have found the insert for the toilet works so much better than the pottys for the floor. They have to use the toilet eventually why not start them out there and who wants to clean a potty YUCK!

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I would wait. I tried doing this with my daughters and they just had accident after accident. They weren't ready.

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