19 weeks pregnant and found we are having momo twin girls!

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At our u/s we found out we were having momo twin girls! We were very excited till we went in the dr the next day to get the results. Not only do we have to worry about the type of pregnancy it is but also one of the babys, Baby B, has bladder exstrophy and a spinal defect. They can not get a good enough look at her to confirm that it is spina bifida. Have any of you had children with one or both of these disabilities? We are trying to stay positive, but looking for any answers or info we can get. Thank You!


Kara - posted on 04/06/2011




Thank you for responding! Momo means monoamniotic and monochrionic. They share the same sac and same placenta. It is a very rare and high risk pregnancy due to cord entanglement and compression.


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Alecia - posted on 06/02/2011




^kill joy or what!!! :p i dnt have any advice, but stay positive. the worse outcomes dont always happen, and if they cant get a real good look, then who really knows for sure whats going on. Good luck and God Bless

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A friend had a child with spina bifida. It was pretty bad. They took extreme measures to save her life. She had other issues as well, resulting in some mental retardation, never going to walk or crawl, I can't remember why. They lost their home, their cars and had to move back to the east coast to be near family for free daycare.

The mom died in an accident and now the dad has to carry these burdens by himself. Its probably the worst possible outcome of a terrible situation that could ever happen. part of me thinks "at least that little girl has her dad still." But what if that accident had taken both parents? Who would care for her like they did? She's only going to cost more and restrict more lives. Or she'll be shoved into a care home/hospital situation.

My friend got the worst news a mother could get and it all turned out as horrible as possible.

We had a similar situation. It was POSSIBLE our daughter would have heart & brain defects. If the diagnosis had been definitive, we were debating letting the pregnancy continue to be able to offer the remaining organs to another baby in need or aborting. We never thought of taking extra measures to save her life. We probably would have aborted though.

We had two other children and a high risk pregnancy would have cost a fortune, what if the baby lived? What would happen to my other kids? I had a responsibility to them too. No. I couldn't do that to them.

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Stay positive! There are plenty of situations like this that the dr.'s are wrong about and the baby is fine. Educate yourselves and learn everything you can, but know that God won't give you more than you can handle...with his help.

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I just delivered momo twin girls on april 19 2011. I can offer any adivce you need on that but the other stuff I cant. Good luck to you and your babies!!

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Fascinating.You really have a lot to deal with.Staying positive will get you through this.Your doing right by getting what ever info,advice and help you can.I really wish you all the best and your baby girls.I will keep you all in my prayers.Stay positive and strong Kara.:-)

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I am sorry i can't give any advice, but i am very curious to ask.What does momo twins mean?.I have never heard of that before.I hope you do not mind me asking.

I am sorry to hear one of your babys has those conditions.I hope the other moms can give you some helpful advice.I wish you the very best.Staying positive is always important.

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