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Maureen - posted on 08/10/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




i was looking for any ideas for my daughters first birthday. she will be 1 on october 31. i want something other than princess and pooh. any ideas?


Andrea - posted on 08/10/2010




We went with " first birthday" for my sons. i thought that turning one was a big enough deal that we didn't need a theme. i bought cups plates banners and hat's all with 1st birthday on it. it was great. i thought that since we have many years to come of themed birthdays that we should celebrate the 1st one as is.

but suggestions: base ball, pirates, Thomas the train, the wiggles, backyardagins...


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Barbara - posted on 10/23/2012




At 1 years old my son did not have a special theme however I did make sure he had lots of streamers of all the colors of the rainbow with bows and balloons. For his cake I made a layer cake that was 3 layers with cream cheese icing and put a big piece on his high chair and he went to town on it and it was in his hair and all over his clothes we have plenty of pictures for him to see and show his wife! We had all of his relatives there to enjoy his 1st birthday along with friends. So I really just made sure it was colorful for him to enjoy.

Tiffany - posted on 08/10/2010




I personally dont like the movie character themes for bday. My son who is almost 3 now, was very advanced at 1 and we could carry on a convo with him and you could understand what he waas saying. He picked out diego for his 1st bday. But my daughter is on a normal 1 year old level, and i had the same prob trying to figure hers out, she will be one on sept 9th. Im going with rubber duckies. They have a cute rubber duckie cake at walmart and the rubber duckie in the middle of the cake is also a lil plate and it has a rubber duckie spoon with it. There is also rubber duckie party favors in the party section at our walmart. It comes with 8 ducks to a pack for 2 dollars. I expect her to pick a movie character next year, lol, but for her 1st i thought a rubber duckie theme was cute, and diff from other people I know kids bday parties.

Krista - posted on 08/10/2010




My son will be 1 this Saturday. The theme is "I get to eat chocolate cake, shampoo with 1/3 of it, crap myself copiously midway through supper, and be spoiled rotten all day long with attention from my grandparents and auntie."

Other than that, we're just putting up some colorful streamers in the dining room, and hanging a "Happy Birthday" banner in the archway.

Once he's older and has more distinct preferences, we'll probably do themes. He seems to have a thing for Thomas the Tank Engine, so if that attraction sticks around, we'll likely do that for his second birthday.

But getting back to your question, ladybugs are a cute theme ...and a ladybug cake wouldn't be too hard to make. Polka dots are also cute, especially mixed with stripes.

Rachel - posted on 08/10/2010




How about a monkey theme? There is a lot of pink monkey birthday decor online!! And monkeys are so cute. I did one for my son's 1st birthday!!

[deleted account]

For Celena we did Barney, Astin we did Elmo, for Taya we did smiley faces, and for we did the babys 1st birthday theme. I say go for whatever she is into at the moment and run with it. You can find just about anything on the internet and you can make it up as you go if need be.
We have also had word world theme, princess, dora, my little pony, littlest pet shop, halloween, karate, chinese, and spoiled rotten. That last one was interesting to put together. lol

good luck and god bless

Joanna - posted on 08/10/2010




honestly at 1 the kids don't care so much about the theme! We had a princess theme simply because my best friend wanted to make froofy princess hats and such, so we thought it'd be cute. But you can do anything, from animal theme (ocean animals, zoo animals, farm animals) to color themes (just do everything in primary colors, or something of that nature, since at 1 kids LOVE color). You could try doing an "art show" theme, with little tables of different kid friendly crafts aimed at the age of the kids there (big washable crayons and stickers for 1-2 year olds, finger painting for 2-3 year olds, beading for 3-4 year olds, etc). Sky's the limit!

Griselda - posted on 08/10/2010




My daughter turned 1 this past June. She had a 1st Birthday "Cupcake" theme. It turned out so great! Everyone loved the idea and are now considering that same theme for their own children. I bought a cupcake stand and made cupcakes instead of a traditional cakes. Of course all the decor was cupcakes.

It turned out so cute! I dressed my daughter in a tutu outfit and her top had cupcake with 1 candle and her name at the bottom of the shirt. She looked so cute and was definitely the center of attention.

Check it out!


Dawn - posted on 08/10/2010




you could do a wiggles party or almost anything that she might occasionally watch on tv, it is getting easier and easier to find things for those types of parties.

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