1st Grade Bullies

Lori - posted on 09/26/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I had lunch today with our 1st grader and witnessed a child shoving kids out of chairs telling them it was HER CHAIR and taking the food of other kids without asking and saying she would not be friends with them if they didn't give them their food. And then she didn't even eat the food. it was just about getting them to comply. I was there because this same child isolate our child on the playground and won't allow her to play with others. I visit during playground time and see the two of them walking aimlessly together looking sad, not using the playground facilities or acknowledging the other kids. We've requested that they not be in the same class together this year because this was happening when they were in class together last year. The Kindergarten teacher agreed to let the Principal know on the appropriate form and she is STILL IN our child's class. our child is thriving with this 1st grade teacher but not developing in social skills much because she is being manipulated by this kid. And she is not eating at lunch. This other girl plays and pokes and throws food and does tricks and our child pays attention to her and won't eat. When it became an issue at home that she must eat lunch to grow, then she started coming home with all her food eaten. Today I find out that this other child is taking their food everyday.


Rachel - posted on 09/26/2013




I would go right to the principal and demand that something be done about the bully. That is so not okay. I understand that teachers can't be everywhere all the time but this bully is getting away with too much.


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