1st grade teacher problems

Andrea - posted on 11/21/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




my sons first grade teacher seems to call on a regular basis when my son does some thing wrong. this morning it was he would not write his spelling words 3 times which is what they do every day. there have been many occasions where she has called for other bad behaviors which I have always disciplined my son for she has also called and had him get on the phone to tell me what he did. I finally took him to a therapist after having the last straw he was touching some kids butts. She had the other children get on the phone and tell me what he had done he is 6 yrs old they where sitting on the floor watching tv and he was bored so he was sweeping his hand across the floor and hitting the kids butts nothing like what i had running through my head until he got home from school and told me what he had done. so now we go to therapy and he has been diagnosed ODD oppositional defiance disorder. the therapist says its just a diagnosis but he may be bored .We also had a WRIT test done and in has extremely high score in verbal and average on verbal so wwe set up a chart to work on his behavior but the teacher does not mark the chart half the time.She says he does not turn in his folder every day and it is his responsibility to do so so I cannot reward him for his good behavior if i dont have the information I also have a chart at home because we do have difficulties also any suggestions


Megan - posted on 11/21/2013




I'd ask the school if they have advanced classes. Classes to challange his mind to where hen isn't bored. If he is doing that good academically he needs in my opinion moved up or something. What he's learning is easy/borin and needs a new start with challenge to keep his mind busy.

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