2 1/2 grand daughter

Debra - posted on 11/26/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




When told no she seems to come so unraveled & only wants her mom who is totally wore out from being run ragged so what age do you start time outs or any other suggestions because as long as Brooke is happy so goes the home... !


Sarah - posted on 11/26/2015




At her age she probably does not have the verbal skills to express her frustration with being told no. At this age timeouts are probably not going to be super effective, soon, but not quite. Tantrums will end much more quickly if ignored completely, let her collapse in a shrieking heap, and walk away. Tell her one time that when she is done, you will do..a puzzle, read a short book, or whatever. Then let her burn herself out. Another trick is rather than say, "no" offer her an option of what she can do instead. For example, Brooke is jumping on the furniture; rather than say "No jumping". Say "Brooke you can come in here and dance, or you can draw a picture for me" Then you are redirecting her from the undesirable behavior without using a trigger word. Is she overtired, would be my other thought? If she isn't well rested, she is going to flip her lid more easily. My kids did drop daily naps at 21/2, to a few times a week, but they slept at least 12 hours at night.

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