2.5 son his 2 year old cousin not getting along at all. Need advice asap.

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My sister and her son moved in with me recently and since she has gotten a job, I am the one that takes care of her son during the day. He is almost 2 years old and has had sort of a rough beginning. My sister was in an abusive relationship and then had to go to rehab for awhile and in the mean time her son was bounced around all over the place. I know he is insecure about his surroundings so he has some issues about that. The biggest problem is that he pinches, bites, screams, pushes, and kicks my son when they are playing. Now my son is starting to push him and kick him too. My mother and sister encouraged my son to bite my nephew back but my son refuses to do it.

We are in the middle of moving and I have about a month or so to get rid of tons of stuff, pack things up, and get out of here. Any advice on how to get the boys to give me some peace and just play with their toys together so I can get some of this stuff done so I don't have to take everything I don't have room for to Goodwill?!

About to lose my mind here!


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they are 2... just tell them both "no hit" do NOT tell him to bite or hit back, they need to learn to work it out, and if they START to physically fight remove them BOTH from the area, including remove the toy from them both.


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I do that with my son too, and before my nephew came over he didn't really act up like that. He never attacked any other kid or anything, but now he's picking up my nephew's habits. He's terribly jealous about having to share mommy so I figured he was doing it because he say my nephew getting attention from it, so he started up. He always says sorry when he hurts someone. I really just need to work on my temper and try to keep from getting so worked up that I'm yelling. Sometimes I just sit down and cry for a minute, and I hate that.

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I agree with holly.
2 year olds don't know how to play together and have to learn just like everything else you just have to referee them I'm afraid. It is quiet normal. I'm constantly tell my 2 year old off for attacking her older sister. I say firmly to "no hitting or naughty corner!" She carries on then naughty corner it is, she's learning slowly we don't have hair pulling or biting anymore oh and I ALWAYS make her say sorry too.

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