2.5 year old calls fiance daddy and now he left us - what do I do?

Renee De - posted on 04/05/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi I need some advise please... My son was 6 days old when dad passed away - been single and met someone when Logan was just over a year. After few months he called him dad we tried explaining but eventually just allowed it as he was part of our life now and I thought he is there to stay. We got engaged in December. I never thought I could love again after my husband passed away so suddenly and then he came along and I opened my home and heart to him.. He knew what I went through and was prepared to take on a women with a 1 year old baby as well as a 19 year old. All ok and then suddenly he moved out on Monday just like that saying he cant handle my issues and insecurities... (dad dying of cancer etc) So now what do I do? Logan only knows him as his daddy - he also loves his grandfather and he is busy dying. So he will now be losing both dad and grandfather? I feel like I failed him as a mom because I allowed him to think of him as his dad... Do I still let him see him or do I break contact completely? Logan waits for him at the door at 6 at night waits to go to bed ask about him in morning cries for him... :( What do I do??


Michelle - posted on 04/06/2016




How old is your son now?
If he's still young it would probably be better to just cut contact as he's not your son's biological Dad.
Have you got photo's of his real Dad? You may need to explain in a way that he can understand that the man in the photo is his real Dad but has gone to heaven (or whatever you believe).
You haven't failed as a Mother at all, your boyfriend has since he is the one that walked away. You need to just be there for the kids.

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