2.5 yr old not talking yet

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My 2.5 year old son doesn't talk very much. He understands a bit but not as much a child his age should. He can only say one word at a time and his vocab has a total of 10 words. He is seeing a speech therapist and she is a little concerned that his progress isn't what it should be for the intervention that he is getting on a day to day basis. I am taking him for a appointment with the pediatrician for full developmental assessment soon. I am getting pretty concerned. Has anyone had experience with a child with delay in speech and what did you do to encourage them to start talking?

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Charlene - posted on 10/24/2011




Mine's two and a half too and hardly a word out of him :( (he'll whisper 'yeah' when he really wants something and say babba (drink), but that's about it). Combined with that, he's incredibly shy; he likes the IDEA of kids and playing quietly with one or two, but any more than that and he gets flustered, lol. Strong Start is helping though and reading these threads, I'm seeing he's far from alone and hopefully will be talking soon.

Kim - posted on 09/28/2010




My son only had one word when he was 2. He began speech, but wasn't making great progress. The speech therapist reccomended I didn't get him what he wanted when he'd point and grunt. When I finally started saying you have to tell me he started speaking more and more. He's 4 now and is still in therapy but now it's more bc he's speech is just so hard to understand bc he has issues with his tongue. I agree to make sure his ears aren't the issue and a full developmental screening never hurts.

Mona - posted on 09/28/2010




the first thing you should do is test his hearing....my grandson has a similar problem and we were very concerned about his speeech...the ear doctor discovered that he has alot of fluid in his ears which needed to be drained out.he operated on his ears and inserted tubes to clear the fluid...u have to keep in mind that speech is associated with hearing...so if a child has hearing problems ...he will not be able to repeat sounds that he cannot hear...my grandson is doing so well now....he is talking and learning new words everyday....

Neena - posted on 09/28/2010




don;t worry, if the child can hear properly(ears are OK) then there is nothing to worry. he will definitely speak. have faith and keep trying. My started speaking when he was 3 1/2 years. when he was of 3 yrs age he used to utter just two-three words, rest all he used to tell by gestures. when I send to school at 3 1/2 years after that he started speaking. So dont panic. Get his check up done, once, after that constantly be in touch with your child, speak to him n any one language, especially if are coversant with more than one language

Louise - posted on 09/28/2010




Hi Melena I was a pre school teacher and I also trained in speech therapy and educational needs. I agree with you your son is delayed but it is not to late to help him catch up. First of all you need to make learning fun with him and incorporate speech into every thing. The way I taught boys was to get them involved with activity songs like row row row your boat and over exaggerate the movements until they laugh. Once you have done this song a few times then encourage him to sing or to say the word again. Also buy some flash cards and encourage him to play. Lots of smiles and encouragement from mum works much better than an outsider coming in to help you. Also do not let him become lazy, if he points to his juice don't get it for him say what do you want juice, you want juice, juice hence forcing him to speak. If you can catch his attention with fun activities he will soon catch up with other children. I am pleased you are already with a therapist and have not left him to catch up on his own. Another thing I would have checked is his hearing. Some children at this age have a mild form of glue ear which fuzzies there hearing and hinders speech, so it maybe worth just checking that he is ok.

Sneaky - posted on 09/27/2010




Pre-school. It's what every book and every doctor and nurse and carer I spoke to recommended. we actually found one that would take our daughter from 2.5 years without being toilet trained. She has blossomed.

If you can't find a pre-school then other options include lots of play groups and play dates with other children. He will learn a lot from trying to mimic the other kids and if he is shy because he knows that he can't talk well then he might become behind socially as well. Lots of time with other kids will encourage his social skills too.

as Tammy said, make sure you get that hearing (and everything else) checked out. It would be silly to expect him to talk if he can't hear anything . . .

He is a lucky boy for having such a good mum.. you'll get through it together :o)

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