2.5 yrs baby doesn't speak more words and sentences

Shweta - posted on 12/11/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




my baby is 2.5 yrs and she doesn't speak much . she speaks 25 to 30 words and whenever i says abcde....... she tries to speak alongwith me and sometime speak the next letter what i speak but i can only hear the sound of the words but not clear speech. same happens with 12345.......
i asked my pediatrician she asked me to go for BERA test as may she has hearing impairment . but my baby reacts to my instruction so i thought to put that idea on hold and i put her in playgroup. she says hi, bye, shakehands , mama , papa , apple , ball, dirty , yes , no, take it , pick it, awwa waa (what happenned), sure,happy, etc , but doesnot speak sentences or like other kids speaking of her age group. i am really worried after reading some comments on autism or so on.........

please suggest me, in my family no one has such problem and she is a fun loving girl, bit fussy, but remember most of the thing like where what is kept, even while seeing TV advertisement she does the same thing what she saw in that ads before,


Carrie - posted on 12/17/2013




Don't freak yourself out with autism thoughts. They thought my youngest son was on the autistic spectrum at 2 years old and by four they know they had misdiagnosed him. That situation is a little different, my oldest son talked for my younger so the younger one never had to ask for anything. Give it a little more time...seriously I don't know if either of my children were speaking in full sentences at that age (they are now 11 and 8). If you're wanting to encourage her too then try a few simple tricks. when she comes to you and says "juice" say "May I have some juice please" and have her repeat. It could be that you're such a good mom you anticipate what she wants/needs so she really has no reason to say more yet. If your prompting doesn't work bring it up with your pediatrician.

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