2 and a half year ild niece jealous of newborn advice?

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My two year ild niece tho i love her to bits is incredibly spoilt by ils and her parents, i have always never pandered to her demanding behaviour and ignore her when she mosbehves as this is done for attention, i reward her with positive attention when she is good and i have never been one to crowd her instead letting her play independently. However my ds now 2 months old is my area of concern. We hav always given her attention when we fo over and asked her if she wants to help with nappies, feeding etc... But despite this she is being very demandin especially when myself of or dh have baby, one time she threw herself on the floor declaring she was the baby. sil doesnt do mich about this, even when one time da was napping and dn descided to bash her tous around bect to him, this was deliberate and she knew she was being naughty, its a good job ds is a heavy sleeper. I know toddler will test and that they are a handful but what is the best way to deal with this, it is at the point where i dont want to fonover there as i cant be bothered with her antics and feel sorry for ds. Sil says its fine and that dn will love ot when ds is older and dn can boss him about, in ll for a mellow kid but to me this sounds like a nightmare situation, imo i would be of the attitude where she just has to get used to not being the centre of attention anymore, its weird because she isnt even a sibling so you would think that it wouldnt be as big an issue. Any advice?


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