2 and a half year old's teeth!

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My daughter is two and a half and I am a little ocd when it comes to teeth. I am terrified of her having bad teeth. My little cousin is 4 and just had to have 3 teeth pulled and 4 capped. I so do not want this for my little one! I brush my daughter's teeth regularly, she drinks mostly water by choice, and she doesn't eat a lot of candy. I kind of inspected her teeth and it looks like her back top and bottom teeth have a light discoloration in the grooves of her teeth... Ugh! I am feeling horrible that her teeth are starting to show signs of cavities. Does anyone have any advice on this? Unfortunately bad teeth run in our family and her dad's side of the family. Mine aren't bad but most of my family's are. I'm going to make another dentist appointment soon just to have her looked at. Does anyone know what is usually recommended by dentists for this? Like will they already cap them or something? I've seen where some pediatric dentists have a sealant that they can put in grooves of kids teeth and coat the teeth with that will better prevent this type of thing and it lasts for about a year. Anyone tried this?


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She does go to the dentist and has an appointment to go back... I thought this site was for friendly conversation so I thought I could get a few tips or advice on the situation to ease my mind a little until her actual appointment..especially since I said I worry about her teeth a lot. Or to at least hear anyone else's experience if they have been through something similar or have ever used sealants on their kids teeth and what their experience has been with it if they have. I'm not asking for someone to say yes, those are signs of cavities or to diagnose her problems, I will hear all of that at the dentist. I just wanted to talk to someone about it that has been through it. I didn't think this post would cause someone to state the obvious and say go to the dentist. I already know that..

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How about actually taking her to the dentist and having them examine her? I know you said you are going, but really she is going to be the best to discuss dental care about your daughters mouth, and how her teeth are.

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