2 and a half year old sleepwalking maybe???

Samantha - posted on 03/22/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi all, This is my 1st time posting on here, Sorry if its a bit long winded!!

so my nearly 3 year old daughter woke last night around 3.30 crying because she tripped on something on her bedroom floor. So i tried to put her back to bed and she climbed off and just sat on the floor staring into space for about 10 mins. In that time i was trying to talk to her, ask her what was wrong and got no reply or anything. i went to the toilet while she was still sitting on the floor, and as i got up to leave she started sort of whimping at me, so i told her that i was going to the toilet and would be straight back.

When i got back in her room she was still sitting in the same spot just staring blankly, So i tried to pick her up and she started screaming and tensing up (straightening herself up to get away), instead of letting her i just carried her downstairs and put her on the settee with her blanket and sat beside her. Eventually she stopped crying, Turned over and went to sleep!

After about 20 mins i put her back into her bed and she didnt flinch at all till 6.30 am this morning when she woke, bright as a button with no recollection of the night before.

Anyone help me please i am really starting to get worried now.


Kristy - posted on 03/23/2012




Night terrors will wake children and they will cry or scream. Children can wake up and cry or scream and you cant calm them down as they are not actually awake, you just try and comfort them and wait for them to go back to sleep. The other thing is sleep walking, my kids do it from time to time and what you describe is what happens. They wake up, come in to see you, cry or just wonder around then sit on the bed, floor, couch or my bed and stare into space. Sometimes my daughter has a tantrum for no apparent reason and then after a half haour or so just goes back to bed and sleeps. So it could be either, it is pretty normal for children to do it, and if they are still asleep then it is advised to not wake them up, just comfort them and let them go back to sleep.

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