2 month old weighs over 10 pounds

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My 2 month old, 4 weeks adjusted, weighs over 10 pounds and wants to eat all the time. My first son was very sick and didnt weigh this much until he was 4 months old. Is this a good weight gain or am I feeding him too much? He eats a 6 ounce bottle every few hours.


Denikka - posted on 06/28/2013




Babies will not over eat. Feed them when they're hungry and there's nothing wrong with feeding them until they show satiated behaviors (turning head away from bottle, etc).
You don't say how big your baby was at birth, but mine was almost 9lbs at birth and well over 10lbs by 2 months.
I think I would only be concerned if there was a DRAMATIC weight gain (and large jump in percentile) in a short amount of time. From what you say though, your baby just has a healthy appetite and is growing well :) You can always ask your doctor when you go in for a check up though :)


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