2 month old with RSV

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I took my 2 month old son to the doctor today and he tested positive for RSV and has an ear infection. They sent us home saying that he sounded pretty good and was eating well and said to do breathing treatments and give him antibiotics for the ear infection. We're doing saline rinses and using the bulb syringe...but just wondering if any Moms had any other tips on things to do for him. We're really hoping to get him a little better before Wednesday or they're probably going to put him in the hospital.


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My daughter had RSV at one week old. Do not let anyone near your child and do not take him out if you do not absolutely have to. If you have any other young children under the age of 2 do not let them near your baby and wash up and change your clothes before going from one child to the other. RSV can be caught from one child to the other and is very very serious in children under six months. My daughter was immediately hospitalized and my One year old son was not even allowed to come to her room to see her at the hospital. She was very ill for about six months and caught everything possible. Also, I always kept and still keep a bottle of germ-x in the house for guests to use and strongly urge you to have everyone who comes near wash their hands frequently. I hope this helps. It was very hard on me to have to go through this and I even became depressed because I had to chose which child I was going to spend time with and my daughter was continually sick for a very long time. I never got to leave my house and see anyone else, but now I am glad that I took all of these precautions because she is doing fine. She still gets sick kinda often and it is really bad when she does, but she is doing fine!

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Just keep doing the breathing treatments. Thats the main thing that you can do. My lil guy had RSV not to long ago. and my ped told us that people call it happy weezing, as long as he stays happy and plays and eats like normal you dont have to much to worry about! He will be just fine. I know your probably worried about him cause when my son got it a balled in the dr office lol. But hes gonna be fine. The main thing is no matter how much he hates the breathing treatments make him take them. If hes coughing really bad try to give it to him ever 2-4 hours. its not going to hurt him. My little brother has been having breathing treatments his whole life! Good luck I hope I helped atleast a little!

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Yes it is VERY important to keep everyone out of your house for a couple of reasons. The number one reason is your baby can caught a ton of other things right now that they normally wouldn't. The second reason is EVERYONE can catch RSV. And in adults its just a cold so they go around giving it to other babies. Washing hands... changing clothes are very very important. Remember if your baby stops playing, eating or vomitting go to the hospital to have their Oxygen levels checked. Do NOT wait.

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My son went in to the hospital in 2008 for it (was 6 months at the time).. They ran a COOL MIST HUMIDIFIER running 24/7, treatments, antibiotics, Baby vicks on the feet..Other wise sitting in the bathroom with the shower running on hot and sitting on the floor works to.. ( i just know that my dr told us not to use the Warm steam humidifiers because the put bactiria in the air which can make baby sicker) Other then that just follow what your doctor told you.. Hope this is helpful.. When my son went in his O2 was at 89-92% (not real good) keep us posted.. Best Wishes and Take Care... Any questions please feel free to ask...


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My daughter was 6 weeks old when she tested positive for RSV. She was held overnight for observation and let go the next day. I had to give her breathing treatments 4 times a day and they really helped. As the doctors told me, there isn't a whole lot you can do for it except give them the treatments and try to keep their nose clear. She is 3 now and has no lasting problems from it.

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