2 months old always hungry?

Mika - posted on 12/14/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 2 months old, 12.4 pounds baby boy is ALWAYS hungry! I feed him 4 OZ every 2.5/3 hours and that doesn't seem to be enough for him. He cried in between feeding and he cries when I stop feeding him at each ounce to burp him but when he starts eating again it's like nothing ever happened and he drinks happily (not in pain so).
The ridiculous thing is that at the 2 months visit the pediatrician said he should be eating 18 EIGHTEEN OZ/day and not more - are you kidding me? My LO would STARVE at 18 OZ/day, he eats average 32 OZ/day ... am I doing something wrong? I hated the pediatrician for that reason (and for a few other reasons - and I am changing doctors) but now I am scared I am overfeeding my LO - but if I don't feed him he would just cry non-stop ALL day long, when he cries I try to soothe him first, I try to change his diaper, rock him or entertain him, at the end all goes back to food, he was simply HUNGRY!!
What should I do?!? Please help!

p.s. The ped also said he should be sleeping 16 hours / day, yeah, right, good luck with that, he takes power naps and he is back in full form while mommy is exhausted.


Monica - posted on 12/15/2012




Hi Mika,
Do not think for one minute that you are doing anything wrong. I had a quick check of the formula packet in supermarket today just to make sure that both of us were correct on how little 18 oz a day for a baby of 12.4 pounds sounded. I'm from Ireland and here the manufacturer of formula give a guide for volume of feeds to make up for babies of different weight and age. Based on the first stage formula I gave my sons 6oz bottles offered 5 times per day was recommended for a two month old or 11 pound infant.
I found that if I started my baby's first feed at 7am and fed baby every 3 to 3.5 hours let him take as much as he wanted from 6 oz if he finished it I offered more. I would then make up his formula with 1oz more than he would normally take so if he was extra hungry at a feed he would be satisfied. At 8 weeks I found that breaking feed once half way through was sufficient and that by 12 week mark both my boys were self winding. Every baby is different let your baby guide you. On the issue of sleep, in my experience sleep only follows when feeding issued are sorted.
My feeding schedule went something like this:

7am first feed
10.30 second feed
14.00 third feed ( I found baby took less at this feed)
17.00 or 17.30 last daytime feed. Very important one, sometimes divided in two what ever volume baby didn't take at 17.00 was offered as fresh feed after bath at 17.45 and baby asleep by 18.15.
22.30/23.00 night feed given to baby as dream feed. I never woke my boys for this feed I'd change them if they were wet/dirty, room always darkened. Then feed them. Mine only very occasionally woke, so they never got habit of waking at this feed.
Reason for early wake up and first feed is to allow sufficient time for baby to take in calorie requirements during day time. This prevents problems with night time sleep. Don't for one minute think an 8 week old should sleep 16 hours a day, they will def nap for longer and may be have 4 naps. I wonder did your ped think your baby was two weeks old!
Sorry I've gone on a bit, hope I was of some help. Sound to me like u are doing a great job and most importantly your listening to your baby


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