2 Year Old boy doesn't want to potty...

Tilana - posted on 01/15/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi All my 2 Year Old son doesn't want to potty, I am now starting to worry as I am pregnant with my second little one and scared he will not be potty trained by the time the other little one arrives ?

Any help or suggestions please ...


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Sarah - posted on 01/15/2016




Sounds like he is not ready. Don't push potty training because you are having another. As Dove stated many regress when baby is born. Also you create more stress on you, more stress on him, more frustration, and a much longer process. Wait until he is ready and you have a much quicker and easier process.

Dove - posted on 01/15/2016




Never potty train one child for the fact that you are having another. Even if he DID potty train... regression w/ a new baby would be 100% normal.

Kids potty train a lot easier and more successfully when they are not pressured to do so. Some kids are ready by/before 2... others are 3 (or even older). Try and make it fun and encourage him, but if he is resisting... back off and try again in a few weeks or months.

Raye - posted on 01/15/2016




Each kid is different, and some may be more difficult to train until they're older. Keep working with him. Don't scold for still going in the diaper. Praise when he does it in the toilet. Just when you think they're well trained, some kids have a regression, so you may have to keep working with him.

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