2 year old going into a booster seat

Brittney - posted on 01/11/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Well, to make my post as short as I can. The stores around here no longer carry "Combination Car seats" and buying online isn't an option.

My daughter outgrew her infant carrier at 3 months (height limit not weight), so I bought a convertible car seat when she was 3.5 months old and just before her 2nd birthday she was measured at 40" at her doctor's office and school. She has been forward facing since 10 months due to height. I've put off getting her another car seat because we don't go anywhere in the winter time. I picked out the car seat I was planning on getting her, just to find out that they don't call them "combination car seats" anymore and they are not available in stores as well as they don't have the height requirements on them (before it was said they went to 43") they just have weight limits, well I don't know how much my daughter weighs, probably somewhere around 28-30 pounds and she is still 40-41", so I was looking at the high back booster seats and they range in height from 38" to 57" and 30 pounds to 65 pounds. Seems like I could get a high back booster seat for her. Laws in my state only say that children up to age 11 need to be in a proper car seat or booster seat.


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Dove - posted on 01/12/2013




Your 2 year old is an inch taller than my son was at his 4 year old check up (and she's 5+ pounds lighter)... 9 months later and he still fits perfectly fine in his 5 point harness seat and will for at least another year....

You couldn't pay me to put a 2 year old in a booster seat (unless it started as a 5 point harness). Of course.... my same 4 year old also rear faced until after his 3rd birthday, so.....

Mary - posted on 01/12/2013




While she is on the taller side, her weight is pretty important too. Most of the high-back booster seats have a minimum weight limit of 30 lbs. I know that the laws vary from state to state, and this is further confused by the differences in height and weight specifications for each manufacturer. I'm no expert by any means, but the general rule of thumb I've always heard for switching from a car seat to a booster was 4 years and 40 lbs. My daughter just turned 4, is 42" and 38lbs. She is still in a car seat, and I have no intention of taking her out of that 5 point harness until she is at 40lbs. Her car seat is "good" up to 65 lbs. There is no way I would have felt safe with her NOT in a 5 point harness at 2 years of age.

If you are concerned about her not fitting into her current seat, your best bet is to look into the 3-in-one car seats that convert from a car seat into a booster as your child grows. Numerous brands make them, and they are sold at multiple stores such as Babies r Us, Target, or Walmart.

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