2 year old not communicating and not speaking. He had mixed symptoms of autism. Please advice

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My son is 27 months (2years and 3 months) old. He had not started communicating with us properly and not started speaking. Some of his behaviors are making us worry too much. We are not sure whether he comes under autism spectrum or not. I have listed down his pleasing and bothering behaviors. Can someone please advise us what to do next? Shall we wait and see for few more months?

His Pleasing behaviors: (Out of Autism Spectrum)
He has Good eye contact.
Respond to his name immediately.
No temper tantrums.
No impact to noise.
Not obsessed with any objects.
Very affectionate.
Likes to cuddle, swing, hug, kisses.
Likes to play Peek a boo, Running and chasing.
Imitates body actions. (Imitates rhymes action: Wheels on the bus, clap your hand etc..)
Very possessive with Mom and Dad. (Will not allow mom or dad to carry other baby)
Waves Bye-Bye.
Very active, no issues with motor skills. Good at climbing steps, jumping, running.
Identify familiar and unfamiliar faces.

His bothering behaviors: (In autism Spectrum)
Not started speaking.
Not calling us Mom or Dad.
Not pointing to things.
Rarely playing with peers.
Rarely head banging, (If something not happening in his way).
Lining up toys, sometimes.
Spinning heads.
Cornered eyes and Rotating.
Walking on tippy toes.
Obsessed with Alphabets.

His way of Communication:
If he feels hungry, he comes to us and raises his hands to pick up.
If he got sleep, he comes to us and raises his hands to pick up and sleep on our shoulder.
If he wants to play (Running and chasing), he pull my hands.
If he wants milk/Water, He comes to us and takes our hands to reach the bottle.
If he wants to unlock IPAD he comes to us and gives us the IPAD.


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Sarah - posted on 04/22/2014




Instead of asking a bunch of people over the Internet their opinion and diagnosis. Go to your doc and talk to him/her about your concerns. That is a more accurate and appropriate way.

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