2-year-old not talking in sentences yet?

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Hello all –

I'm new to Circle of Moms & this is my first post on here. My daughter turned two in June and so far knows a lot of words already. She can even point to pictures and name them, knows most of her colors, and picks up on words pretty quickly. BUT – she isn't talking in sentences yet. We just had her 2 year well baby visit, and her pediatrician expressed concern in speech delay as she said she should be at least talking in two-worded sentences by now. She referred me over to a speech therapist for her, but before I do that, is there anything I should truly be worried about? I know kids learn at their own pace and some learn faster than others, so maybe she's just not ready yet? I mean, she's a little talker so there's definitely an interest in talking – just not in sentences yet.

Does anyone else share a similar story?


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Good to get the evaluation done and services if they feel they are necessary, but worry? Nah... I've been talking care of toddlers for over 20 years and there is SUCH a wide range of speech development at this age. I've known 2 year old kids that were having conversations w/ adults... and 2 year old kids that were barely saying anything other than 'mama'.

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My niece had a similar issue, she was referred to a speech therapist shortly after her 2 year check up. We were all scheduled to spend 8 weeks in the summer with family in the states so they went for the referral and assessment appointment and then scheduled follow ups and possible speech therapy for after our return.

By the time we got back from vacation the appointment was no longer necessary. It was like one day something just clicked. Just simple phrases - "mommy's cup" and "green ring" and stuff like that at the very start. She is four now and speaks very well, no further concerns.

I think 9 times out of 10 it will simply be a matter of kids developing at their own pace and not an issue that requires intervention. But, I would probably still err on the side of caution and follow through with the appointment(s) until she comes around and starts talking your ear off. While chances are good it's nothing, if it IS something then sooner rather than later is always preferred.

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