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my 2 year old is being more violent then i think most 2 year olds. he will hit his cousin(whom we live with) shes 1 and he with pushes her or hit her for the smallest reason like a toy he THINKS it his i know that normal for 2 year olds but when we tell him its not nice and he need to got to his room with us he with scream at the top of his lungs cry and even start to say hes hurting, most of the time its his leg he says hurts, he has even started getting aggressive towards me like punching or pulling my hair. We have tryed many things to stop the screaming, from time out to spanking or even just ignoring his till it stop, which most of the time it doesn't till we use an threat like if he doesnt stop hes going to grandmas house or going for a car ride.. small things that we know will calm him down so he hears what we say. Hes a really good boy just blows up fast and hard.


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Each and every time he hits you stop him firmly and consistently... but calmly. Do not yell at him and certainly do not hit him for hitting. You tell him that hitting is not allowed and if he is going to hit he is going to have to play where there is no one to hit (like in his room). When he is ready to stop hitting... he can come out and play w/ others.

EVERY time he hits his cousin... EVERY time he hits you... EVERY time he hits anyone. Stay calm and consistent and don't let him play you.

As for the screaming... same thing. Screaming hurts people's ears, so if he wants to do it... he needs to do it in the bedroom. It sounds like he has a REALLY hard time w/ his emotions, so instead of threatening him.... maybe offer him a hug or something else that he CAN have or do to distract him from his anger. He is likely as scared by his emotions as you are frustrated by them and coming at him w/ patience and understanding to HELP him w/ his feelings can work a lot better than just trying to get him to stop the undesirable behavior.

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