2 year old with GDD and microcephally....

Ashley - posted on 10/21/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My youngest just turned 2 last week and has a GDD and a form of microcephally. He has been to developmental pediatrician, genetic testing, neurologist, he is in PT OT and ST, he is seeing a Endocrinologis end of next month becuase he is growing very slowly. His head circumference is 45cm and his height is 31 1/2 in. He just started to crawl about a month ago, and is not walking at all. He doesnt say any words and really has no way to communicate with us. He doesnt point or anything. He is a very happy boy except when he eats..he gets really frustrated and eats so fast and shoves so much in his mouth and doest chew well so he just still mushes most things and swallows. We are trying to get a swallow study in order too. I have yet to find another mom who has a child this behind for his/her age and was wondering if there is anybody out there who is in the same boat? Thanks!

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