2 year old won't eat

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My little 2 year old won't eat anything except peanut butter, P.B. balls, fruit strips and toast. How do i change these bad habits before it's too late? I want her to eat what we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner but it's such a battle that I just end up crying every night and giving her the food listed above so she will sleep through the night with a full belly. I'm at the end of my very short rope. HELP!


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You are allowing her to get away with this. You are giving in when she won't do anything about eating other things. PB balls and fruit strips are not nutritious at all and you should not buy them anymore. Peanut Butter in and of itself is good for you but in moderation. Toast is empty caloric intake. You are the parent. Start making plates of what is for each meal. Tell her that is all she is getting. If she does not eat it put it up. Give it to her at the next meal.

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You are giving in. She is winning at this point. YOU stop giving in. Enforce some consistency. Yep, it's going to take a little bit, and yep, she's going to scream bloody murder. YOU put in earplugs. Keep at it.


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There is nothing wrong w/ peanut butter toast for breakfast every day (in my opinion, at least)... offer a banana and some OJ or milk w/ it and it's a relatively balanced meal.

Just keep offering her a small variety of other healthy options at regular intervals and let her be in charge of how much she eats and when. If she doesn't eat it... offer it to her again as a snack anytime she says she is hungry before the next meal. Unless she has a mental/emotional disorder... she WILL eat when she is hungry enough. Some kids actually will starve themselves, but those kids are fairly few and far between.

If she hasn't eaten much throughout the day and you are worried about a night waking... give her a cup of milk right before teeth brushing time to 'tide her over' til morning.

I am not a parent that has ever or will ever 'fight' over what my kids eat... as long as it's relatively healthy and I'm not really out any extra work... I don't care, but then... my kids have never been overly picky. Sure, they might go through phases of eating oatmeal every meal for 5-6 meals in a row... but that's also the same kid that would request bowls of broccoli for breakfast on occasion as a toddler. lol If they are eating a variety of foods throughout the week... I don't care what each specific meal consists of.

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