2 year olds uncontrollable tamtrums...feel like i tried it all :( please help!!

Rosita - posted on 01/07/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 2 and a half year old daughter throws these tantrums, fits where she screams (which sounds like she is bringing tortured), cries, shakes n sometimes bites herself...its gotten to the point that my mother n some family members don't want to take her with them anywhere which saddens me...I feel like I've done it all...I ignore it for it to only get louder n more intense...I put her in time out where she ends up getting louder, throws things, and moves on the floor like a fish out of water...I try to hold her, then ask her why she screams or if there is something she wants or I can do...there was one time she was screaming just cause she was finished with her milk n wanted to give me the cup...another reason was because I told her no (which I do frequently) so she sees that her behavior is not acceptable...I feel like I'm the only one with enough patience for my lil girl n my 4 year old son sometimes wants to get away from her during her tantrums...I don't want her to get singled out or have someone hurt her if they can't handle her screams...what can I do??? Please tell me I'm not the only one. Just to also point out she cries uncontrollably when I wake her up from her nap...also she cries in the middle of the night as well..when I ask her if she is okay or she wants anything she would ask for juice but when I give it to her she continues to cry for a q while then drinks it and goes back to sleep...nit sure what else I can do but am very thankful for my patience ad that I'm able to be witness her tantrums since I'm home since June fighting cancer...which is being beaten :) but she has always been a handful just not sure why...she gets attention...n is not spoiled cause I say no a lot but that'd not for her grandparents who we stay with during my recoveryand during my treatment...sorry so long just want to make sure I give as much information.


Jennifer - posted on 01/07/2013




Your patience and the way you talk about your kids is beautiful! Congrats on your triumph over cancer, remember that if you beat that... this is cake. All children are different and thus handle emotions and situations differently. It could simply be personality compiled with her being overstimulated, or perhaps something more serious. I suggest a hearing screening for your daughter just in case, better safe than sorry. Unfortunately many things we just have to wait out and they eventually pass as our children go through phases. Try when she is napping to give your son extra one on one attention, maybe occasionally nap with him for the snuggle time closeness.

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