2 yr old told to call new girlfriend "momma"

Andrea - posted on 12/11/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 2 yr old has been coming home from my ex's house saying 'Momma' She always has called me "mommy" but never Momma. She said she was with daddy and "momma." I confronted my ex about it and he thinks its cute. I told him that you are confusing her and that she has one mom...ME. I have primary custody of her and I want to know if there is anything I can do legally to stop this. My daughter is confused and I am very upset about this.


Cecilia - posted on 12/11/2013




There is nothing you can legally do. What you can do is talk to your ex and explain to him it upsets you. Go through options you find to be reasonable names for the girlfriend. Try to be adults about the situation and try to find a way to work through it. You have to be accepting she might end up with a new mom figure (aka step mom) even if this women doesn't last, it might be an issue in the future and might as well get it out of the way now. It helps also if you get in a serious relationship, this way you will know what your ex wants as far as names go for him.

The reason I say this is because when I got remarried we had to have a discussion on what to call people in his family. I have kids from a previous marriage and he has a step mom & step dad. It was going to get confusing quick. We asked his step mom what she preferred in the end, Then we asked his mom her preferred name for all kids in question. Everyone working together made it much easier. We have Gram, Grandma Vicki, Grandpa Tom, and Pap for his side of the family. On my side we have pappy and ma-ma.

Maybe she wasn't "told" to call her that but just does it. I babysit a 2 and 1/2 year old and he calls me mom all day long. I told his mother it happened and asked her what she would like me to do. She told me just to answer him and keep saying my name to him and he'll get it.

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