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Ashley - posted on 12/05/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 20 month old son still isn't really talking. We took him to a speech language pathologist for evaluation when he was 17 months old and were told he was normal and to come back in 6 months if nothing had changed. He understand at least 95% of what we say, and can follow 2 step instructions easily. He can recognize the names of just about anything in his environment but will not speak. He occasionally says "mama", "dada", "apple" and "nana" (for banana). He points and gestures and babbles like he's really carrying on a conversation with us, but no actual words. We are always reading to him, singing songs, engaging him in conversation, explaining what we're doing throughout the day, pointing things out and naming them for him....what else can we do?? Anyone else have a similar situation? All my friend's children around his age can say many words and even short two word sentences. I'm just really worried...


Sarah - posted on 12/05/2014




He is still pretty little yet. That is probably why the speech pathologist suggested coming back in 6 months. Really there is a WIDE range between 18-24 months for speech. Some kids are more oral and talk sooner and faster then others. In general girls tend to talk sooner then boys......let's face it girls are just talkers no matter the age. Some kids boys and girls just wait to talk until they really know the word they want to say. Keep doing what you are doing. At 24 months if you still have a concern go back for a re-evaluation. By that time they will be able to see more on if there is a problem or not and there will also be more services they can provide you with a 2 yr old if there is a problem.

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