20-month old behaviourally challenged son, now toe walking....disorder, autism, or just experimentation??

Amy - posted on 01/21/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son, a 20-month old (a behaviourally challenged little guy from the start), has recently started walking on his toes. I've noticed he sometimes also bangs his head on the floor/wall, or will shake his head back and forth really fast. Now that he is at the age that various disorders etc (autism, cerebral palsy etc) become apparent, I am beginning to be concerned, as he has just started the toe walking. Any moms with experience with a combo of the symptoms I've mentioned...what was the outcome/experience? I think a lot of my concern stems from the fact that my son has ALWAYS been such a handful...colic for 6 months, but even when the colic 'let up' it never became much easier to care for him. He's very needy, very emotional, and even though he has a large vocabulary for his age, he is unable to self soothe, wait his turn for even a small amount of time, and he throws tantrums A LOT throughout the course of a day. I just feel like his recent toe walking is now another sign that something is amiss, and I'm worried...and VERY STRESSED. Please offer any personal advice you may have :)
Thanks :)

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