20 month old wont eat good food

Nicole - posted on 03/28/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




HI I am a new mom and my son does not want to eat healthy food . or try any thing new all he wants to eat is cheese puffs and fish crackers . and ranch and condiments . I am scared he is getting to thin . he is tall and he is still pooping and drinking milk and juice . i need to know if this is normal ?


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Dove - posted on 03/28/2016




Many toddlers do go through a picky phase. However, the only way his diet would be that limited is if you allowed him access to those things in the first place.

Drinking milk at meals is good, but I would be cutting out the juice entirely. Milk or water to drink. Although you 'could' make him a 'milkshake' (milk, banana, plain yogurt, and frozen fruit) on occasion if he's really NOT eating... It's typically something that a picky toddler will drink that adds nutrients and calories w/out any 'junk'.

If you stop offering cheese puffs and fish crackers... your child will stop eating them. MOST kids if offered a variety of healthy options at regular intervals will eventually start eating enough to thrive on. Some children will stop eating until they endanger themselves (typically if a mental/emotional health disorder is also present), so if this seems to be the case do not hesitate to speak to his doctor.

Ranch is great as a dip for veggies, but I'd start w/ a couple of drops of ranch and not add to it unless he is actually dipping and eating the veggies too. Same w/ other condiments. A bit as dip is fine, but eating just the condiments adds way too much salt and other crap into his diet and no nutrients.

Never force him to eat anything... but offer several healthy options and keep mealtimes calm and pleasant. If he doesn't want to eat... fine, you can try again w/ a couple of different healthy options at the next snack/mealtime (make sure to offer food about every 2-3 hours throughout the day).

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