20 months, normal behavior or should I be worried?

Stephanie - posted on 04/27/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




My daughter is 20 months old, and until she was about 12 months old she would sleep through the night, now she wakes up every night between 2:30 and 4:30 in the morning just screaming. I know she's not hungry or thirsty since I keep a sippy of water in her crib at night and her belly is full before bed, and a clean diaper, the only way she is calm is if she's laying next to me or daddy. Now she's started to act a little weird, one minute she's happy then the next she'll come up to one of us and cling on to us for dear life and just shake and fuss, she doesn't seem to be in pain since afterwards she's back to playing and being happy. Is this normal or at all related? What could it be?


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Happy - posted on 04/28/2012




Maybe she's lonely, maybe she's scared, maybe she's missing you. Go to her, comfort her, love her.

Elfrieda - posted on 04/28/2012




She might have enough imagination at this point to be scared of the dark. At around this age (I can't quite remember) we installed a nightlight in my son's room and it made a huge difference.

Louise - posted on 04/28/2012




This is normal, children are just learning about their emotions, sadness, scared, alone, happy, giggly etc. Try not to put her into your bed as this is a bad habit to slip into and it is really hard to break.

It is also the time the very back molars come through and these are quite painful so make sure she is topped up with pain relieveing gel before bed.

Liz - posted on 04/27/2012




She could be getting her 2 year molars. They might just be pushing upward and causing pain, even though they may not appear for several more months. If they aren't near the surface yet, the pain may not be constant. Might not be her problem, just an idea.

Catalina - posted on 04/27/2012




Ah, the terrible 2's.

My best guess is that her "weird" behavior is linked to getting less sleep.

The sleep pattern interruption can be caused by lots of things, 1. food allergies= body agitation 2. growing= growth pains 3. first night is was a night= shes formed a bad habit 4. somethings going to that's upsetting her psychologically (abuse, neglect, molestation, or more mild divorcing parents, new sibling)

I don't by any means think that is out of the ordinary :)

I would change her diet a little, clean it up to whole foods, ignore any out of the ordinary or unacceptable behavior, and if you feel you can (don't know if i would be tough enough) leave her when she wakes up and let her put herself back to sleep!

I hope it all gets figured out! :-)

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