20 weeks pregnant and need help with the father situation

Hayley - posted on 04/26/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




im 20 weeks by a man who lied to me has an 8 year old son and apparently is married to his mom. we were together for 4 months planned this baby and our entire life together. he left me Christmas night went to another girls house well anyways. he got back with his wife we started seeing each ther again and talked about the baby and he said that he wanted to sign his rights over then started saying he loves me and doesn't want to be well now he says that he doesn't know because his wife don't want him to have anything to do with my son. my question is what can I do bout him and is she really allowed to do that? I want him to be in the our sons life together or not but I don't want him doing my son wrong and his family starting stuff and saying stuff that doesn't need to be said around our son.


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Serene - posted on 04/26/2014




Are you kidding? You actually want this man in your'e sons life?... He sounds like a jerk. Either let him sign his rights over or go after him for Child Support. He can pay you money without being involved with his son.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/26/2014




He sounds like a total jerk, and is never going to do right by your son. He was cheating on his wife with you, and another women? Yeah he sounds like a keeper.

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