20 weeks pregnant with my third child, Husband fired for third time this year

Nicole - posted on 10/12/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




20 weeks pregnant with my third child. (I have 2 girls age 3 and 5) my husband got fired from his third job of the year last month. First job lasted a month he worked 30 days straight. Second job lasted 2 weeks. Third Job lasted 2 weeks. Since then he has yet to realy even look for a job the small things he has done have been because I am constantly on him about it. This happened before when I was pregnant with our second child and the end result was moving across country to live with family members and living off welfare and my maternity. I have been crying uncontrollably pretty much straight though the past 5 days. I have no support system. I do not talk to anyone in my family or any of my friends anymore. I literally have not a soul to talk to except my husband. We live in a very remote spot and I've already quit 2 bartending jobs in hopes his employment would work out. I now know I have to go out (like always) and suck it up and be the income provider. I know of another bartending job 30 mins away from my house where the owner has offered me a job a few times. The thing is winter just hit here and even the 5 min drive to town today was horribly slippery even with 4 wheel drive. My waitressing jobs are never enough to cover everything and pretty soon we start getting behind on bills etc... Tips aren't always good and hourly wage is minimum. My husband is telling me he will get back out to work in a month (the few jobs he's contacted don't start till then). He's telling me to go work for a few weeks then quit once he gets a job. I'm scared if I go out and burn my last bridge I know of at this place of employment and he gets fired again then I'm that much more pregnant (more unlikely to get hired) and we have no options. Also if I tell the owner I'm only available for a month I run the risk of not getting the job. But if I just work the job til I have the baby there is no guarantee he'll get or keep a job after that either. I'm very torn and unsure what to do although I know we will need more money before the month is out so I don't have much of a choice. I'm even debating asking the owner to stay at hotel connected to the bar, to save gas and pick up a second minimum wage job in the same town. Which would be very hard on me but we need a reliable income. Any suggestions at this point would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

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