21 month old refusing nap.

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My son sleeps from about 9 PM to 8 AM and would then nap from 1 to 3. Well Wednesday and Thursday he decided he didn't want to nap. I left him playing in his crib until about 1:40 both days, just to see if he would fall asleep, but he did not. He just went between playing and crying. I don't know if this is just a couple days phase or what, but it is making me nuts! I normally shower while he naps, because usually I wake up when he wakes up. (Today I woke a bit earlier.) Plus I also lose my nice relax time.

I was wondering if I should wake him a tad earlier today, but I didn't. But I also like the fact that he wakes up at 8, since I usually go to bed between 10 and 11. He never really had a "sleep schedule" before 9 months, but he napped twice a day before then. However at 9 months, he started sleeping 12 hours and went down to 1 nap a day. Which I know normally babies are still at 2 naps a day. So now I'm wondering if he is just going to give them up for good. Any advice? Should I just try to put him down at 1? It's been hard making it through the day until my husband comes home (at like 5:30.)


Tara - posted on 08/05/2011




Neither of my girls (3 1/2 years and 22 months) nap anymore. Both of them started refusing naps at around 18 months. They'll nap only if they are super tired now.

That said, I usually get them to have a "quiet time" around the time they would have taken a nap and that helps a lot when it comes to getting through the day.

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