21 month old son not talking

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Our 21 month old son hardly speaks any words and we are worried about him. At 12 months he could say Mum and Dad and a few other words but now he doesnt even say these and only really says oh oh, ooooh, Peppa (afther thepig) and bye.
Aside feom this he is an intelligent boy and understands instructions and puzzles etc but I am worried about his lack of vocabularry. He was tongue tied as a baby but had this snipped when he was a day old so not sure if this would have had an effect.


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Sarah - posted on 05/04/2016




I had a child with a significant speech delay. If you live in the US you can contact your Early Interventions department and request an evaluation. They will check his hearing, cognition, verbal skills, interview you and assess him thru playing with him and observing his play. If he qualifies for services, as my son did, they will help direct you in that as well. You do not need your doctor to give a referral. You as a parent can make the request.

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