21 Month old Son not talking yet and diagnose with PDD-ns:

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I read old post and never seen the person coming back to let us know how everyhthing turn out after the year(s) I hope i can keep it up and inform you how we are doing after a while. here we go :
My son is 21 Month today and he is definitely been behind when it comes to talking. Only babbles and say 1 word like tata and aghhh aghhh..thats all!
Here it what I have been through so far:
He was born in perfect condition, no issues at all, meet all the milestones except the speech but he always babbles all the time but not real words. He even said “ Mum” at some point (13M) for me to pick him up but know only put his arms up for me to pick him up.

He crawled at 4 months and walk perfectly at 10M, run In a grace way at 12m on his own, climb and all but not talking.

He used to watched TV a lot (barney, sesame street, dora..etc) at least 2 hours in the morning and during the afternoon as well. We though he was learning and entertaining himself as a baby 12M up to 17M.

At 16Months I noticed he was not responding to any sound or his name he was like in a different planet ( TV planet) into the TV too much to the point didn’t respond to anything. My husband though I was going crazy and the baby was ok but as a mother you know your child better than anyone + my husband has a sister with an autistic son 7 y/o. I never knew about Autism awareness I though this can be because of vaccines issues and didn’t give much thinking. I founded out later on it can be a 100% genes in the family and + some vaccines trigger the genes as well so it can be a combination of both.
I did some earlier vaccines and I stop any vaccines since he is 12M.

Best advice is If you feel there's a problem don't let tell you different. My husband still in denied that Autisms in the genes & I am very positive today his family carry this in his genes. So I decided to take the first step:
1.) I went to the pediatrician: She says he will talk around 2 ½ boys are just like that. ( I was not happy with the answer, she find my son perfectly fine)
2.) I called the Early Intervention services for an evaluation; they came to my house and sow “red flags” for Autism ( didn’t point, didn’t respond to name, didn’t look at their eyes when talking). They ask me to check his ears and a neurologist pediatric
a.) hearing test done: came out perfect
b.) Neurologist_Developmental Pediatrician: My Son was diagnostic PDD-NOS at 18M

JUST IMAGINE how I felt! The word came down on me, cry for hours, days. I hated my husband.. Why me? God why? My gorgeous son won’t be able to function in life without a help. I was destroyed, my soul left my body I was a zombie for weeks.

I research in the internet day and night making myself miserable and finding good answers as well. I copy and paste all the help I can start to make my son back to this word.

I started holding his finger to point anything; I walked with him holding his finger up in my mind was like teaching him to have strength in his “pointing” finger.
NOW. …..Noticed that my 18M son didn’t point to things he wants but he will come to me and hold my hand and bring me were his food and bottle or toy was for me to get it for him. So that was the communication he had with me for anything he wants.

He doesn’t walk on his toe, he doesn’t spin toys or car wheels, he doesn’t put items in line, do not have any kind of tantrums, he smiles, he applauds, he laughs, he plays with cars, trains and any toy you give me. He is very active!.
But would not respond to his name when calling him or not look into my eyes.
I started to hold his face and make him look at me and then I make silly faces and silly sounds and he though it was funny so he started looking at my face more and more.
One month later finally the earlier intervention came to my house 2 x per week (1 hour each time) and we started the sessions.
My son now is 21 month and he does 15 pieces of puzzles and understands all the toys &_games but it seems he doesn’t connect the “word’ with the item. If you ask him were the ball is? He will look at you like “what?’ meanwhile he loves to play with the ball. He can not understand the “ball” name is Ball.

He won’t follow directions like “bring me the ball” he doesn’t know the word “ ball “ so that is another problem we have encounter now + the speech delay. He is being 2 months in the sessions and still says the same word tatatat and aghhh agghh and mumbles a lot.
We have take photos of every items, family and places he usually goes to and I have them hanging in a key chain so I show him a playground photo if we are going to the park so he can start connecting. It’s a long way ahead but at least we started already.

He is pointing a lot, learn fast, look at anybodies eyes, very social with others, huggs, give high 5’s, plays normally with toys so far I thank god everyday for every little step he takes. I can not wait for the day he calls me Momma and daddy to his dad.

He will be seeing a real speech therapist after the next evaluation. It seems earlier intervention help with speech after 2y/o or while in the school if he needs it.

I still praying everyday that my son can be a normal kid and able to go school and live a normal life.

I am sharing with you in case you are seeing this is your child and need to share.

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