22 month old with possible immunity disorder

Christina - posted on 01/16/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Does anyone have any experience with this?

My son has had reaccuring pneumonia 3x since August. He has been healthy for almost a month now though, with the exception of a constant fever hoover around 100 degrees. He is normally in the 98.3 range.

He has had some blood work done and we are waiting on an appointment with a ped immunologist at Mass General in Feb.

These are his numbers:

IgG 483 Range: 700-1600 Ideal 1000

IgG3 14.7 Range: 22-55

IgGA 44 Range: 70-400

His Pneumoccal vaccine numbers are low as well. Any ideas on what happens going forward? Are his numbers LOW or just slightly low? Any information would be helpful, there is so little out there regarding this.


Jane - posted on 01/16/2012




My daughter makes no IgA or IgM. Her numbers were and are nonexistent. It looks to me as if your son's numbers are low but not exceedingly low.

In my daughter's case she was on prophylactic antibiotics until she was about 4 years old and had tubes in her ears to prevent hearing damage. After that, we relied on hand sanitizer, sanitizing surfaces at home (water and clorox in a spray bottle), educating teachers, friends and caregivers, and quick response to respiratory infections.

We also had her retested periodically because some kids develop more antibodies as they mature, but she is one that never has begun to make IgA at all, and has just a trace of IgM (she is now 19 years old). She has to make a point of getting enough sleep and eating right or she gets sick.

You might check out http://www.immunedisease.com/about-pi/ty... It has some good information about what your son seems to have, selective IgG subclass deficiency.

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