23 Month Old - Weird sleeping problem...

Ashley - posted on 05/27/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is 23 months old and for the past, maybe 5-6 months wakes up screeching repeatedly throughout the night. I know it's not nightmares because she isn't awake when she's screeching. I know it isn't night terrors because she doesn't act scared at all and she's still laying down with her eyes closed. She just screeches in her sleep. Really loudly. Sometimes she'll stop on her own, but most of the time she'll keep screeching until I go in there. Then she'll be in sort of a half awake - half asleep state and notice that someone put her covers back on or rubbed her back and turned on her nighttime CD and she'll stop. But sometimes she'll do it again in only a few minutes. She screeches at least once every night - usually a lot more. When she starts screeching every few minutes, the only thing I've found that makes her stop is waking her up all the way. She'll go right back to sleep and stop the screeching, but waking her up doesn't stop her from doing it a few hours later. And she doesn't seem tired at all the next day, no matter how much screeching she has done. So it clearly isn't bothering her. Anybody know what this is and how I can get her to stop? I'd really like to get a full night's sleep. :(


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Kids aren't always scared when they have night terrors. It's just the name they use. As for how to stop her, I have no idea though.


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I'm almost positive it's not night terrors. Night terrors can only happen in the first half of the night because they only occur at a certain point in the sleep cycle. My daughter's "episodes" happen all throughout the night. I read about night terrors and how you aren't supposed to touch them, but when I was pretty sure it wasn't night terrors, I would comfort her and she calmed right down. If it was night terrors, she should get more upset when I touch her. Yeah, I'm stumped. I even have a degree in psychology.... lot of good that's doing, lol! I guess I should make an appointment with her pediatrician. Thanks for the advice on that!

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My son did something similar to that and his pediatrician said it was possible he was having night terrors. It's a totally different thing than a nightmare. He would appear to be awake, but look dazed and it was like even though I was right there he didn't see me....he was seeing something else. The more I touched him or tried to wake him, the worse his crying would become. Sometimes his whole body would stiffen at my touch. The doctor suggested that we just make sure he's in a safe spot where he can roll around and not hurt himself (his crib, the floor, etc). We wouldn't talk to him and tried to touch him as little as possible. It went from lasting up to 20 minutes to being over in less than a minute. He'd wake quickly, look right at me and say "Mama!". You can look up night terrors on the computer but I still think you should talk with your doctor about it. Best of luck to you and your baby girl!

Edited to add: Also, what happened with my son didn't last very long. From around 18 months until just after his second birthday, he only had maybe 4 or 5 episodes and hasn't had one since (he's 3.5 now). Now, he giggles in his sleep lol

Alecia - posted on 05/27/2011




im sorry to say that i dont know what it could be, but i hope u can figure it out. Good luck and God Bless

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