23 months old not talking

Susmithaprasad - posted on 02/15/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi my son was born prematurely on 34 weeks. Weighed 4lb 11 oz. now he is gng to be 2 in this March. Till this past Christmas he used pacifier most of the time.now we weaned off. From very young he had reflux then after his 1 st bday no more reflux but having constipation issues. But past 2 months he is less constipated.
Now the talking part.
He just babble here n there and doesn't point things he wants spin in circles rarely. Spin the wheels once in a day not obsessive. He is very active he do things which come in rhymes we r bilingual language. If anything he wants he just come to me n stands thr n screams or yelling and doesn't show to me. He love cuddling n a good sleeper.he will look most of the time wen we call him but in outside he didn't look at us.
He give high five n shake hand but rarely do bye bye .he loves to go outside .
What I'm worrying is he is not able to interact or communicate or babbles to us. Even he don't say mama or dada.
We scheduled appt with pedi. We think his hearing is well because he is more aware is sounds n noises well.even I put song in phone with very low volume he will turn back n come to me to see wat I put .
He like to throw things all the time
What is cause him to delay to talk
Is there a real problem ?
I'm worrying abt him because he is our first child.
Pls help
Thanks in advance


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Raye - posted on 02/15/2016




If he was 6 weeks premature, then he might be around 1-2 months behind where a typical 2 year old would be. Each child is different and grows at their own pace, but there are things you can do to encourage him to be talking...

* If he screams, then start asking him which object/food he wants. Stay calm, and tell him "I don't understand screaming, do you want juice (hold up the juice), do you want applesauce (hold it up)". Look at his reactions to find out what it is he wants, then repeat the word to him before handing it to him.
* If he says a word wrong, don't correct his grammar or insist he says it right. Praise him for trying and casually repeat the sentence using the right words. If you get upset that he says the word wrong, then he may be reluctant to try new words for fear of saying it wrong and making you mad.
* Read often in an interactive way, asking your child questions about what he sees on the page or what he thinks will happen next.
* Talk to him about everything he sees you doing during the day. "Mommy's going to pour some milk onto a cup". Point to things and say the words for them. Don't ask him to repeat, but he will start storing that information away for later.
* You should talk in full, simple sentences, not baby talk. "Mommy will help put your socks on." Instead of, "Lets put the widdle sockies on the widdle feetsies."

Sarah - posted on 02/15/2016




Talking to his doc is a good start. There is a delay, but there could be many reasons for that delay. Prolong use of a pacifier can affect speech. Giving him want he wants when he yells or screams can delay speech.....he is only learning to yell or scream and not to say the word. He could have some hearing loss. Even though he hears noise does not mean he hears it correctly.....the sounds could be muffled to him affecting his speech.

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