23 weeks pregnant not showing and no movement

Diasy - posted on 10/18/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Im 23 weeks tomorrow im 211 pounds and diabetic. I had a lower pouch before pregnant and im overweight so im not showing just look fat. I havent felt ny movement i work, wake up from 5am and im home till 6pm then cook shower etc and wont lay down till like 9pm and even then i dont feel movement. I've had ultrasounds and baby does move and i hear the heart beat often at the drs office and at home since i have a fetal doppler.

Im very frustrated and worried, everyone keeps asking me if ive felt movement and i havent is this normal has anyone gone through this? Im having a boy and las ultrasound was oct 14 i asked the ultrasound tech and she said i should start feeling it by now thats the only answer she gave me


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Michelle - posted on 10/18/2015




As Sarah said and also it depends on where your placenta is. If it's at the front you won't feel movements until later as well.

Sarah - posted on 10/18/2015




Some women do not notice true fetal movement until close to 25 weeks. Especially if you are overweight and this is your first pregnancy. If you have had ultrasounds that show a living fetus then don't worry.

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