23 weeks pregnant & trying to get comfy

Jessica - posted on 04/04/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hello everyone! I am 23 weeks pregnant with twin girls and am already finding myself uncomfortable ALL THE TIME....any way I sit, stand, lay is just not comfortable at all. At night I'm up every half hour re-positioning and I find it very hard to fall back asleep because of comfort, of course. I thought this was kind of early to be feeling like this considering I'm only a little over half-way through my pregnancy and have only gained eight pounds, the babies aren't very big yet. Any suggestions, Please help?! :(


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Nicole - posted on 09/04/2011




im 23 weeks pregnant with twin boys and i feel the same esp at night so i got a pregnancy pillow which covers the whole body and helps alot not stopping it all but helps....

Sharon - posted on 04/04/2010




I slept on pillows. I bought ALOT of pillows. I made a raft of pillows in my bed. Body pillows and several standard pillows.

A belly band or belly support item will help too. lumbar support pillows for the car... good luck

MomMom - posted on 04/04/2010




Oh my dear! You must remember that your whole body is preparing and making room for these precious babies! Ligaments, tendons are all affected by your hormones, joints are softening to expand to accommodate the pelvis. I have suggested to moms that they go to a maternity shop and talk to them about your problem. They have panties/girdles that add support to your back and pelvis that are lifesavers. At night put a pillow under your tummy when you lay on your side and one between your knees. This helps to put your back into alignment and prevents the weight of your uterus from twisting your back. Try these and good luck! I hope this helps!

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