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Does anyone know where I can get my son into Rehab? He is addicted to pot and has an alcohol problem. He also has depression. I would like to know if there are treatment centres in ontario canada that are FREE, or OHIP coverage. Or if someone can lend me 18000,00 to get him help! Seriously!


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First of all, this is NOT a site that you come on asking us to give you money. Crass and in poor taste.

Second, pushing someone into rehab is a waste of your time and money. When your son decides he wants help, THEN you put him in rehab, not before. It won't work until HE decides he's ready.

Third, search in your area. Google "rehab for..." and hit search.

Bottom line is this: Your son is an adult, making his own choices. You don't agree with them, but you can't change that he's an adult, and he's responsible for himself. When he's ready, he'll commit to rehab, and ask for your assistance.

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