23month old, has started throwing really bad tempers when i get him dressed he will hit me and throw things at me, he is also refusing to put nappies because he can use a potty but due to that fact he can't talk at the minute its really difficult any advice please thanks


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Ariana - posted on 11/07/2012




My son used to do that a lot to whenever I had to change him or get his diaper on.

I guess it really matters if you have somewhere to go with him or not. I used to just say, alright, I guess we aren't going out because you aren't dressed and walk away. He would usually then throw himself to the ground yelling NOOOO and I didn't get him dressed until he was ready to not be hitting at me while I was dressing him. Your child may or may not fall for that type of thing.

I also found giving him some simple options helped some of the time. So do you want this stuffed animal or this one to bring when you get changed? Do you want to bring over one or two toys? It doesn't always work but sometimes just asking them something like that can give them a little control in a situation and convince them to do it. Or I would start putting clothes on one of his animals and say I guess the bear is going to wear so and sos clothes now, but not in a mean way just in play.

If you aren't going out I would also just not dress him until he wants something, like you can have those toys once you're all dressed.

I would try to give him choices and make it as fun as possible, the path of least resistance, that may help some of the time. If that doesn't work, or on the days it's not working, I would just get up and walk away from a tantrum and wait until he's settled down. You can't reason with a child once he gets to that point.

Good luck!

FoxyMom - posted on 11/07/2012




Also, pay attention to how you dress him. Do you dress him too warm and he's uncomfortable? My son was similar. He was hot natured and it took me a bit that he does not need as much clothing as I thought he would. I also agree with Stcey. Ignore the tantrums as best you can and don't give in or he wins and if he can potty then he may be telling you he wants big boy pants however it is difficult since he can't talk he can't tell you when he needs to go.

S. - posted on 11/06/2012




If he can use the potty don't put a nappy on him, him taking it off could be his way of saying he's ready.

Terrible twos are well and truly on there ways and the fact he can't speak is probably frustrating him no end, if he throws a temper tantrum ignore him (the best you can) he will realise he's not getting his own way and soon grow out of them. Be awear of a a dislike to clothes could a sensory issue so look into it but tbh he sounds a lot like my 25 month old a few months ago now her vocab is better she's less frustrated and zero tolerance on the paddies and they have stopped now too, oh and I can now get her dressed in a morning. Good luck

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