25 month old not talking and doesn't seem to understand

Penny - posted on 08/31/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I want to discuss a few things.
My 25 month old daughter only says mama and dada, and will occasionally seem to repeat words I say but that is rare. She doesn't respond to her name and doesn't understand yes or no yet. She communicates what she wants by physically using us to act out what she wants. For example, if she wants me to clap, she physically puts my hands together. If she wants me to take her out of her stroller or car seat, she physically takes my hands and puts them on the buckle. If she wants me to play something with her she will bring it to me. She does not point. She likes to have us do the same things over and over again; for example she will have her dad, siblings and me all clap by going around to each of us and physically putting each of our hands together, over and over again. She is very sensory and loves soft things, her favorite thing to do is roll around in a pile of pillows! She loves music and hugs and is very sweet. When she plays with things she lines them up. I am thinking she has autism; my 10 year old son has Asperger's and my now 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with autism mainly because of speech delays at age 18 months, but I have always questioned whether that diagnosis is correct since now she talks nonstop and seems very bright (She does seem to have some anger/frustration/emotional issues though). Since autism is different for every child I am not sure, and I do not want to jump to conclusions and just assume that my two year old has autism also, although her behavior seems to more clearly indicate autism than my five year old's did.
My five year old just started kindergarten and I didn't mention the autism diagnosis to the teacher since it was made so long ago and I am not 100% sure; I kinda wanted to see if she mentioned the possibility of her having autism to me without being biased towards thinking that. Should I mention it to her anyway? Sorry to ramble but I have so many concerns about all of my children!


Connie - posted on 09/01/2015




I would say that it is definitely time to talk to your doctor and have your little one tested for problems. As far as your 5 year old if she is doing well I would not worry. You can always have her reevaluated if she begins to have trouble. All 5 year olds have some frustration issues as they do not yet have a lot of tools (such as vocabulary or experience) to deal with issues yet. Give yourself a break, it sounds like you are doing a great job. Good luck and God Bless!


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