25 month old won't stay in bed and is up all hours of the night/early morning!! HELP!

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My best friend has a 25 month old girl. It's her second child. She was climbing out of her crib by 18 months, so they set her up in a toddler bed. Well, she is getting out of her bed whenever she pleases - and this includes middle of the night and very early (4:30 AM) morning. She WILL NOT go back to bed. Even if she doesn't go back to sleep, she won't stay in her room. Naptime can be difficult on some days as well.

My friend has tried everything: Child door handle on the inside of her door so she can't leave her room - she just lays on the floor inside her room and kicks the door and screams. My friend isn't too keen on getting into the habit of having her child sleep in their bed, just to get her to go back to sleep. She wakes up her older sister at these hours and they are all suffering!!!

Does anyone have suggestions I can pass on to my friend to help her, and her toddler, get some much needed rest??


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What I would do with this child is when its time for bed, follow a routine every night, have snack, bathtime, read story and then tuck in and say good night. If the child gets up then say to her, "its bedtime" and put her back to bed. If she gets up again then just simply put her back in bed and don't talk to her. Keep putting her back this way until she finally wears out and falls asleep. The first night might take a couple of hours, so be prepared. You might also sit at the foot of the bed, in the dark, and don't look at the child, but as soon as those little feet hit the floor, simply get up, put her back in her bed and then go back and sit at the foot of the bed again. As I said, the first night is going to be the hardest on the parents, but stick to it, eventually, the child will figure that it does no good to get out of bed because she is not going to get any attention (talking or eye contact) and there is no where to go because the parent is right there to put her back. If you are consistent, then each subsequent night will take less time to get the child to sleep. If she gets up in the middle of the night, just take her back, put her to bed without speaking or making eye contact with her and follow through. You do not want to start having the child sleep in bed with the parents, this is only a temporary fix and prolongs the inevitable. Follow the same method at nap time. The hardest part is thinking that this is not going to work, the child might cry or try to say they are hungry, thirsty, need to go to the bathroom, etc. That is why you do the routine, do all of those things before bed. So the steps are 1. bedtime routine, tuck in and say goodnight
2. If the child gets up simply say its time for bed and then put them back.
3. and following keep putting them back in bed but don't say any thing any more, and don't make eye contact.

By one week, if consistent, the child will be going right to sleep and everyone will be happy.


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Its not unusual for kids this age to want to sleep with with their parents - we (like all we know) have decided to let them win this battle for the time being so unfortunately no advice only the comfort of knowing their not alone!

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