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Hello! I am new to this group and I was just wondering if there are any of you who has a preemie. I have a 27 weeker who is now 13 months (actual) but I have noticed that he is not standing yet on his own but he does a lot of pulling up to stand (like everytime he sees anything that he can get his hands on) and climbing up like on sofa/boxes/stairs. I have tried working on him standing by holding his hands and trying to get him up but he won't do it. He will just hang and try to sit and crawl away from me and do his own thing. I know he is still in the range where even term babies don't walk yet but standing alone -- shouldn't he be doing this already? He does not point and he does not wave bye bye and he does not say mamamama yet but does babble like titititi didididi dadadada yayayaya. He has a teacher from IEP that comes in every two weeks just to check what he's doing and to give us tips on his language skills. I am just wondering if there are any experienced moms there who thinks he is just in a "normal development" considering his prematurity. Thank you.

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