2YO on a Guten Free/Lactose Free diet but has High Cholesterol, help needed...

Kathryn - posted on 02/15/2013 ( 6 moms have responded )




My son has been on a GF and LF diet since he was 10 months old. We don't eat out often (last time was over a month ago), we don't eat a lot of red meat, he eats eggs with a slice bacon or sausage every 2 weeks (Saturday morning breakfast), if he has snacks they are typically apple juice or natural fruit snacks, and we have no family history of childhood cholesterol. He and his brother are very active boys and have a ton of energy.

At Josh's 2 YO appointment they did blood work and weighed is measured him. He is in the 30% for weight and 20% for height. His blood work came back with him having high cholesterol. The doctor said she will retest him in a few months but I am very worried about it. There isn't anything in his diet that would raise his cholesterol and I am very much against any kind of medicine.


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Get some gluten free old fashioned rolled oats (I get mine on a regular subscription delivery from Amazon, because I can't find any in my local stores). Make him porridge/oatmeal from that for his breakfast. You can use whatever substitute you use for milk for him or even water, though the latter gives a thinner result that isn't as tasty.

Oats are great for actively reducing cholesterol. In my opinion we should all eat them for breakfast for that reason.


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Kathryn - posted on 02/18/2013




Sorry I didn't go into much detail about his daily food consumption (tried to keep the post short) but this is his typical day...

When he wakes he gets 1 jar Gerber 2nd fruit, Gerber 1st Veggie, and 2-3 oz soy milk (sorta like a smoothie, he doesn't like the milk plain).
In the cafeteria at his brothers school he has Happy Tot Fruit, Veggie, Salba (Chia seed) fruit squeeze.
After dropping off his brother he gets either GF oatmeal, GF waffle, or GF cereal with typically a banana, sometimes an orange, pear, or apple.
After picking up his brother they get 6 oz of the VFUSION V8 juice, Motts Medley's Fruit/Veggie fruit snacks and he gets a veggie MumMum.
Later in in the afternoon he and his brother get 1 jar Gerber 2nd fruit, Gerber 1st Veggie and 4 oz of AlmondYogurt with a dash of soy milk.
Dinners usually consist of a meat, either rice or potato's, and the only veggie they will eat whole, green beans.
Before bed he gets 1 jar Gerber deserts (Mango Smoothie or Peach Cobbler), Gerber 1st Veggie, and 2-3 oz soy milk.

Sometimes he will eat from my salads, though he only really likes the radishes from them.

Yes, his blood sugar was checked and normal.

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You mentioned his snacks are mainly juice and fruit snacks. These can be very high in sugar. I know it sounds strange, but my husband is diabetic, and whenever his blood sugar is a little out of sorts, his cholesterol test shows as higher than usual. Also, research has shown some links between sugar and cholesterol. Did they check his blood sugar? Is it possible to find some low sugar snacks (such as nuts, seeds, vegetables) that he will eat? Keep in mind, too, that gluten free and low fat doesn't mean low sugar.

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At our Ped they do finger prick blood work at their annual physicals starting at 2 years. Yes, we also have to keep a closer eye to make sure he isn't deficient in anything.

Yes, I have some GF rolled oats (banana or strawberry flavor), he typically eats a bowl 1-2x a week, I will probably have to make a better effort to have him eat it daily, or at least every other.

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@ Michelle, I'd have to say that if a 2 YO has already been diagnosed with both a gluten sensitivity and a lactose sensitivity, the bloodwork was to make sure that those problems were in line.

@ Katheryn, I don't have any helpful advice, but do hang in there! I wish you the best in figuring out a solution!

Michelle - posted on 02/15/2013




My first question is why did they do bloodwork at his 2yo checkup if he is normal in every other way?

None of my children have ever had any bloodwork done for any of the normal checkups.

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